Furnish Your Bar or Restaurant With Only the Best

Food and Drink Matters is extremely delighted to announce that the Dutch Furniture Group have been chosen to receive this issue’s coveted Bar and Restaurant Furniture Company of the Month in light of their beautifully designed and specially made chairs, benches, sofas and more.

The Dutch Furniture Group was first set up back in 2012, with their Head Quarters based in Holland and their main production site based in Romania. The specialist company produces and sells a wide range of furniture, including luxurious living room seating. What makes them unique is that the Dutch Furniture Group colour all of their leather article’s by hand, and have become renowned amongst the industry as a result of their consistently high quality, visually striking and long lasting furniture ranges. In fact, the Dutch Furniture Group were among the very first manufacturers to offer hand-made furniture.

In today’s mass produced culture, it is extremely hard to find leather products that have been coloured by hand, meaning all products can end up looking generic with a standard pattern and colouring. In contrast to this, all of the Dutch Furniture Group’s leather sofas are carefully crafted by a team of experienced designers and then hand color to bring out the individual beauty of the leather, producing a fuller and much richer appearance that is unique to each item. The company prides itself on being a very hands on company, taking great care and consideration in every piece that they produce in order to ensure excellent customer service every time.

On top of that, all of their leather is sourced straight from Italy and undergoes a rigorous quality check during the production process to ensure that everything is up to standard. In fact, all of Dutch Furniture Group’s companies are made in strict accordance with European directives and Dutch legislation, and as such comply with construction norms, fire safety standards and quality standards to ensure that each product is made.

As one of the most renowned providers of extremely high quality furniture, the Dutch Furniture Group’s products can be found all across Europe, and even throughout Dubai. The majority of their products are sold directly to end customers. As well as that, Dutch Furniture Group also sell to numerous bars, restaurants, hotels and even a number of retail companies.

Some of their most highly sought after chairs include the Industrial dining chair ‘Mountain’ which is perfect for the home, office or anywhere else. Popular among office and corporate clients is the Industrial dining chair ‘Arad’ which features a smart and sleek armrest and leg design and is perfect for those seeking a professional but comfortable chair.

The food, drink and hospitality industry is one of the largest areas of Dutch Furniture Group’s client base, making up 30% of their total sales. We spoke to Eelco Gerlag from Dutch Furniture Group who explained, “Our bars and dining tables and benches can be found all throughout Europe in various restaurants, eateries, hotels and more. Due to our year on year success, we are also making strides in the UK market, where some of our products can already be found, including in a coffee shop in Liverpool and a restaurant in Dublin.”

Their industrial range of bar chairs have been especially popular among bars, pubs and hotels, and features a wide array of different styled bar stools. One popular choice includes the ‘Mary’, a high industrial bar chair that, like the rest of their products, is made of only genuine real leather and comes in a range of pleasing colours. With a height of 117cm, a plush and comfortable seat, and dark, thin and sleek legs, the bar stool is perfect for various different types of bars, whether they be upmarket or more casual.

Dutch Furniture Group has a plethora of different dining tables with different types of legs in order to suit a range of settings. The Industrial dining table ‘Kansas’, which features X shaped legs, offers a unique and outdoorsy feel and is perfect for restaurants sporting a bohemian or rustic aesthetic. As with all of their tables, the table top can be swapped out depending on what the client has in mind. They can either choose the brown wash top, the industrial wash, the nature, grey or white wash. Better yet, clients also have a wide selection of materials to choose from, such as new oak, rustic oak, trunk oak and old oak. Another uniquely designed table is the ‘Trapeze A-leg’, which again like the rest of their tables, comes in different heights, tabletop thicknesses and tabletop dimensions.

Perhaps one of the best things about Dutch Furniture Group is that they are able to create bespoke and customised products in order to satisfy a particular client’s needs. Whether it’s a bar made of a certain material or a sofa that seats a certain amount of people, Dutch Furniture Group can offer bespoke services to provide the perfect product for customer needs, offering custom materials, shapes, sizes, styles and designs.

As one of Europe’s leading providers of high quality and bespoke furniture, you can expect to find them at numerous trade shows throughout the year, having last showcased their wares at the Bar and Restaurant Design Show in September 2017.

If you are interested in getting your hands on some of the amazing range of products at Dutch Furniture Group, then be sure to get in contact using the number provided below. Alternatively, if you wish to find out more information on the company and their services, then feel free to check out the website.

T: +31 (0)85 48 90 941